English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

December 17 2013, Tuesday
This morning was freezing cold when I went to school. Before leaving home, I saw on TV that it was snowing in Vietnam! The newspapers were also reporting that last week Cairo known for its heat and sandy deserts, was blanketed in thick snow for the first time in 112 years.

Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains, drought, heat waves, snow storms and super cyclones across the globe have become more common these days. And in the forseeable future, abnormal weather will continue and could get worse overtime if global warming, the culprit of all this abnormality, is not arrested soon.

I am not here to talk about the adverse impact of global warning. We have heard quite a lot about this in recent years. And that is almost all that we have done – talking! Most governments have pledged that they will comply with The Kyoto Protocol to reduce usage of greenhouse gases but the much needed actions are not forthcoming.

Lame as the governments are, we too are not less guilty! We can easily list the “crimes’ we have committed – the relentless printing, the blasting of air-conditioners, leaving the tap running while we brush, the dumping of computers and mobile phones we grow tired of etc. Hong Kong as a society is so rich that we take everything for granted because we do not suffer any scarcity. But if we want our future generations to have the same affluent life, we have to be more prudent in our daily routine – use what we truly need not what we desire! The same message has to be passed on to our children not just by words but by our deeds. We have to practise what we preach!

Here I have attached the photo of a camel in snow! I hope this is enough food for thought!