English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

November 13 2014, Thursday               

Panty hose 

As a member of the Council on Professional Conduct in education, I have the duty to present talks on the Code for the Education Profession in Hong Kong.


I was to go to this international kindergarten in Tuen Mun. There were two ‘firsts” for me – first time ever to give such a talk and first time ever to visit this part of the New Territories. Rita, the HKWTO Executive and I met at Hung Hom Station for our lunch. As the restaurant providing traditional rice recipes was crowded with two long queues, we decided to go to the coffee shop with much fewer customers for sandwiches instead.

The trip was amazingly smooth thanks to the very efficient public transport system in Hong Kong. It took about one hour taking the West Rail Line from Hung Hom to Tuen Mun. The ride was comfortable showing me lots of green as the train sped along. This was followed by a very short bus trip of about 10 minutes.

As I got off the bus, I was distressed to discover that I had got a long run in my panty hose probably from the seat of the bus. I have this habit of wearing it to “complement” my outfit when it is a one-piece dress or a skirt. Fortunately, we were quite early and so we and so we had lots of time shopping for a new pair.

We walked round the housing estate popping in every shop and stall likely to sell this commodity. We must have asked over 10 salesmen and shopkeepers but the closest we could find were black tights or leggings but not sheer panty hose! Just when were about to give up, we came to a wet market stall selling children’s socks. So not expecting it would have, we asked one more time “Please do you have sheer panty hose for sale?”

“Oh, yes. Here you go! The last pair! 29 dollars!”

So after the formality as we arrived at the kindergarten, I asked for the bathroom. Then I sat down relaxed awaiting the teachers to present my talk.