English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

January 2018
I am a woman

I am a woman. In the eyes of the world, my function as a woman has been fulfilled – I reproduced. But I do not always look at myself as a woman, the female of human. In other words, I do not always show or exercise my femininity as some women are so skilled in executing. When I work with my colleagues or socialize with friends, my behaviour is never decided by the gender of the person I am with but rather a number of other factors such as the occasion, the degree of familiarity etc. In fact, I have been posed with embarrassing comments like “Oh, you’re too tough for men to get along with!”  The harshest would be “You are strong! You can survive the trauma!”

Women should always uphold themselves with pride and dignity. But the problem is we care too much about how others look at us rendering us live a life in others’ shadows. This eagerness to please or to reach up to people’s standards brings in compliments at times but more often disappointment, self-degradation and even self-destruction.

Women and maybe men can go to extremes to meet the expectation of their men or the circle they are in – plastic surgery to enhance their looks, child-bearing even in their 40s to satisfy their men’s hope of a descendant etc. But surgeries can fail, a child cannot hold a cheating heart. Children born of such relationship are most unfortunate. Horrific child abuse cases are not uncommon.

Women do not need men to live a fulfilling life. We do not need to wait for orders. But most important of all, we should not whine and moan and yet stay there in a victim mentality. We always have choices. We get stuck in a situation only because we allow it.

May all women love themselves and be their own masters! Happy Women’s Day!