English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

November 2016

Respecting life

Every night at around ten, a neatly-dressed petite woman in her fifties would come to the small park at Eastbourne Road to perform an act of great charity – feeding a family of three yellow cats!

This gentle lady brings along with her a picnic basket complete with a big cardboard or sometimes a plastic sheet, plates, cans of cat food, bottles of water and tissue paper. The feline trio would sit there quietly on the bench waiting for her to open the cans, dish out the food and water before they jump down to enjoy their dinner. Then the lady would take a walk nearby before she returns to collect the plates and clean up the places.

After bumping into her and watching her daily routines several times, I started chatting with her. From our brief conversations, I come to know that she is a Korean housewife who has come to settle in Hong Kong because her banker husband was transferred here from the headquarters in Seoul about a decade ago. Her Cantonese is limited and I don’t speak Korean. She doesn’t speak English. But we are still able to understand each other. She pointed out to me which one of the three is the mother and that the other two of similar sizes are her kittens. She went on to say that last month when the kittens were six months old, she had taken all three to a vet for neutering. The operations cost her about five thousand dollars.

The above is an eye-witness account of kindness to animals taking them as living beings to be respected and loved in ways that we can. There are many such good people in our city caring, sheltering or campaigning for animals. But on the other hand, every now and then, we hear news reports of gruesome animal abuse cases.

Animals kill for food. We human beings are killing for fun! We have to end this! Our police has to start treating dogs and cats as living things and conduct criminal investigations into animal abuse cases.

The message is clear - zero tolerance for animal abuse!