English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

 January 4 2014, Saturday

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The highlight of today was to visit Gala Aoiumi to see a demonstration of how sea salt was obtained. Attachd to the site was the visitors' centre where again lots of gift items were on offer - bags and bottles of sea salt. Tucked away in a corner was a snow scene with snowmen made of salt.

As I was touring, the story of Shakespeare's King Lear came into my mind. The plot was based on an old English fairy tale.

An elderly rich man wanted to divide his property among his three daughters based on their responses to his question of to what extent they loved him. While the elder two sisters flattered the father to please him, the youngest said simply  "I love you as fresh meat loves salt." The father was infuriated by her reply as salt was not something precious and so he disinherited her.

Before the invention of refrigeration, salt was extremely important as it was the main ingredient to preserve meat. Though in recent years, salt has been blamed as the
culprit of  high blood pressure, a reasnable intake of salt is important to our good health. It helps our hydration, muscle contraction and digestion. Important as it is, salt is inexpensive though of course,  sea salt is not as cheap.

Living in this highly materialistic city of Hong Kong, we tend to assume that money is of paramount importance to good living. It certainly is but then we have to remind ourselves that many good things in life are inexpensive or even free!

Have a walk in the countryside and breathe in the fresh fragrant air. That's free!

Quit soft drinks and energy drinks. Boil some water, pour it into a big jug, cool it down, drop several slices of lemon and some mint into the water before freezing it. This water can definitely quench your thirst faster than any commercial soft drink. And it doesn't cost much! Be creative!  Add slices of different fruits like green apples or strawberries to freshen your taste buds!