English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

February 1 2014Saturday 


There is going to be firework  display this evening. Thousands of people would be gathered at the water front cheering when the sky is all lit up with dazzling lights.

On two different occasions, I watched firework display at close range. One was in Hokkaido along the beach in front of the hotel. It was very small scale like a private gathering but I enjoyed that cozy moment. And there was not much smoke.

The other time I was amidst the crowd in Nanjing Road, Shanghai. I was in the city for a training workshop. And Shanghai was hosting the Summit Conference. I was nowhere near the waterfront but the fireworks seemed to be exploding right in front of me. It was a splendid dance of lights. We were standing there in awe but were soon overwhelmed by suffocating smoke!

I wonder how the residents living near Disneyland are faring when there is daily firework display!