English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

April 9 2014, Wednesday      


In the name of hygiene and convenience, we use a lot of disposables. Call me nostalgic – I am recalling how it was in the good old days! It was not too long ago. I think before mid-1970s when we recycled everything!


During menstruation, we girls used cloth napkin fitted with cut toilet sheets. We brought handkerchiefs and sneezed into them! Unimaginable now!

My son, Vincent, was born in 1974. That makes him 40 this year. When he was still an infant, we used cloth diapers made from old cotton clothes soft to the baby’s skin. The soiled diapers would be put in a basin of water to remove the urine and faeces. This water would be flushed down the toilet. The diapers would then be washed, rinsed and air-dried. I did not feel obnoxious at all washing these soiled diapers! See, there was no plastic involved!

Every now and then, an elderly man would come and knock on doors asking if we had any tins and cans. We children were very delighted to see him because in exchange for the 555 cigarette cans, we would be given maltose crackers. In the market, newspapers were used for wrapping even the fish and tofu and straws for the vegetables. Brown paper bags used for take-aways and bottles for all the drinks!


In come all the disposables and convenience and we rejoice until it dawns on us that we are harming our future generations! Still, it is better late than never! Be reflective and protect our environment! 


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