English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

March 14 2015    Saturday

                          What 25 years can mean!

A child can be born, grow up, go to school, graduate with a university degree and is now in his or her second year of career if granted that life is plain-sailing all the way! It can also be for a man and woman in their 20s to meet, date, marry, have children, watch them grow and are now in their 50s ready to enjoy the golden years or are already taking care of grand-children if they are so blessed! 

That is what 25 years can mean! But in real life, I wonder how probable plain-sailing is to most people! These days, everything is on fast track and we as individuals do feel helpless in face of unpredictable mishaps or unwarranted derailing happening in our life. When we have been groomed to believe in fairy tales, we tend to expect the predictable or the norm. When life turns out to be abnormal or rather atypical, we are left asunder!!

Life has taught me some hard lessons. For one, when I am overjoyed, I am also prepared for twists and turns looming round the corner. It doesn’t mean that I have to restrain my happiness. I will still enjoy the moment. I just need to be ready. For two, I am contented with what I have. I don’t compare myself with someone who has more but with those who have less. I count my blessings. I do not take anybody or anything for granted. I know not all babies are born or those who are born are not all healthy! It is too true that not all married men and women live happily hereafter. One last lesson is I do build my happiness upon how others treat me because I was there and had suffered all the frustration. I give but do not ask for return even when the recipients are family.

My life in the last 25 years has been most abnormal opening new frontiers and testing my resilience! But I have been able to uphold my one principle – be good to others though they may fail you!  I have learnt many life lessons. I am ready to leave this beautiful world with no regrets left behind!