English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

April 1 2015  Wednesday
             Birds of a feather

What do people talk about when they congregate and chat over a cup of aromatic coffee or simmering hot-pot? People who hang out together must have something in common that they share – same likes and dislikes, same foes and friends, same fears and joys, same celebrations and problems etc. And of course, they also set up chat groups to facilitate the flow of information. In other words, even when they are not meeting physically, they keep on chatting.

Lately, I discover that the hottest conversation topic among me and my long-time classmates, whether actual or virtual, is definitely health! We would share first-hand personal experience or internet information about healthy diets, early detection or prevention of various illnesses, surgical operation details etc.  Next would be around our children but these days more about grandchildren. We also love to share our travel logs. What else? Do we bring up political issues like the Occupy Central Movement? No, we don’t simply because this would stir up commotions and sabotage the party! We prefer to hold our political stance to ourselves.     



My classmates and I were all born in the same year, only older or younger in terms of months. Previously, we did not often meet, only on school anniversaries. On the occasion of the 5oth anniversary of our secondary school graduation, I suggested that as we advance in age, we should meet more frequently. To my pleasant surprise, they concurred with me. Now, we are meeting every other month.