English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

May 15 2015, Friday             
Lost but not found

At the school office, there is a big carton labelled “Lost & Found”. Each time, I pass by this box, I would smile to myself. “How positive is this – lost and found!” How often does this happen in life – you lose an item and then recover it?

Of course, I know that is not the meaning of “Lost and Found” as labelled. The carton is for storing items left unattended and picked up around the campus. Owners with things lost could come and check if they are so fortunate as to be able to reclaim their belonging.

Last week, I lost a diamond ring I bought for myself years ago when I needed “shopping spree” as therapy for my depression. The strange thing was I didn’t feel devastated! It did cost tens of thousands when I bought it! I might have taken it off when I put on hand-cream and then forgot about it.

Will I buy another one as replacement? No, I certainly won’t! In these two years, I have been quite successful in tuning my mood in face of material losses like the ring in this case or the illegal parking ticket weeks ago or mental frustrations such as being accused of things I have never said or being taken for granted etc.

Lost items do not have to be found. I have far too many earthly possessions to enjoy! Lost hopes do not have to be lamented. I can always knit new ones! My mood should be at my own disposal and not in the hands of others. When others treat me well, I feel blessed and am grateful. That is life’s bonus! When people do not appreciate my kind words or good intentions, I step back without feeling upset. I don’t fight back! I don’t try to convince! I am at peace. I’ve done my part.

The diamond ring can be on somebody’s finger or lying in a hidden nook in my wardrobe waiting to be discovered! I don’t care!