English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

September 2016

Dried up!
I have not been writing for over a year! Not so long ago, I could ramble on and on across the pages if I did not restrain myself. My eyes were open and so were my ears. Ideas were abundant and fingers agile though I cannot type properly. An essay a day was not a problem back then. And every time when I finished an article, I was exhilarated.

But in recent months, I have not seen or heard anything of interest to myself. Even when on some rare occasions, I do spot or eavesdrop something that mildly amuses me, I am in no mood to write about it! What’s happening? I cannot just give up this hobby tenderly nurtured since childhood. My numb senses have to be reinvigorated! How? By charging them with some strong currents – reading!

I have not been reading much. I can always excuse myself by saying that I have been too tied up with my work! But if I have time for napping, travelling, watching television and fine dining, then I can have time for reading! This is what I have decided to do – cutting the couch potato time for reading! I have made use of the book coupons I had been presented with to buy several best sellers, in both Chinese and English. They are now standing neatly on the shelves demanding to be read! Yes, I will.