English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

October 2016
A leisurely afternoon

I don’t always see my son’s family. In the first place, we don’t live in the same neighbourhood. And when I am less occupied during the weekend, Hayley, my grand-daughter is. As to the long holidays, either Hayley has to prepare for examinations or the family has travel plans.

I proposed weeks ahead that we go for a ride in the New Territories. Elly, my daughter-in-law came up with the idea of going to Lake Egret Nature Park and the Wishing Tree in Taipo. With destinations decided, we waited for the right Sunday.

Came October 9 with mild sun and gentle breeze, I drove to pick up the family at Middle Road, Tsimshatsui. They were punctual. Hayley was disappointed to find out that she was not sitting in the front with me. Instead Vincent my son took the seat. I had to rely on the Google map for directions and so he functioned as the co-pilot! It worked. We arrived at Lake Egret Nature Park in about 30 minutes.

We dined at the restaurant which was almost full. Then we had a tour of the place as this was the first visit for us all. Next came the feeding time and finally the boat ride.

Hayley enjoyed herself very much paying $10 for a bunch of grass to feed the anxiously awaiting goats. She also pedalled ferociously in the boat. She was the first to spot the egrets, one perching by itself on the rock in the centre of the man-made lake and another flock of four resting on the branches of the trees.

The place, though not really expansive, is a popular venue for corporate training sessions and family activities including birthday, wedding and barbecue parties. Here is a vivid example of what makes Hong Kong – innovation and entrepreneurship!

We left with Hayley nagging why the DIY classes were closed for the day. The next stop was the Wishing Tree in Lam Chuen!