English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

May 2017
Not the usual kind of graduation ceremony

This is the season of secondary school graduation ceremonies. One of the schools I work for held it last Thursday. It was the most touching ceremony I have ever attended. Having served the education sector for decades, I have attended tens of such ceremonies.  There would be always be the school report by the principal or supervisor or both, speeches by the guest of honour and the student representative followed by certificate and prize presentations. Sometimes, there would be student performance.

Teachers and students spend an enormous amount of time and effort to make sure that the ceremony would run smoothly so as to impress the guests but more importantly to create indelible memories for graduates and their parents. Ceremonies can last 2 if not 3 hours and when they come to a close; teachers are relieved while graduates are exhilarated. As to the other guests if they do stay until the end, they must be great friends of the school board, supervisor or principal. Others may have long left.

But this ceremony was not the same. After the routine items came the part of the class teachers presenting their parting words to the graduating classes.  One teacher recalled how her class took care of her when she was not well and how she would be forever grateful. She then sang a song encouraging her students not to fear but be brave in face of life’s challenges. She was all tears while her students cheered her on.

Then another class teacher came up to the stage. He recounted how he and his class practised so hard for the choral speaking and finally they worked miracle - champion of the category beating top schools. He encouraged students to carry forward such headstrong spirit. His class applauded.

I was among the audience. As I listened, images of what these students had experienced kept popping up in my mind bringing tears of appreciation to my eyes.