English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

The Senior Citizen Card saga

Rita treated me to a beef hodai (all-you-can-eat) in Tsimshatsui as an early celebration of Mother’s Day. This was so sweet of her!

We arrived at 7 and were told that we had two hours to enjoy the food. So we did ticking off our favourites from quite a number of colourful forms. There was broad variety ranging from salad to seafood and of course, all kinds of meat. Drinks were also included.

We had lots of fun barbecuing the meats, burning some and chewing over others. It was good value for money. Then at about 8:15, it was time of the last order. We had some sweet potatoes as desserts.
The whole evening was rather uneventful. We had our usual laughters and selfies. Customers were not that many.

We asked for the bill at about 8:45 stating that the charges would be for one adult and one senior citizen. The waiter, with the broadest smile, asked for my Senior Citizen Card. I showed it but he insisted to have it taken to the cashier. And I gave it to him obediently.

A few minutes later came another waiter with the bill and my card. He said to me that since we did not clarify our status when were seated at 7, I would not be entitled to pay the senior citizen charge which was about 60% of that of one adult. I rebutted that if that was the policy, then they would have to state it on the phone when the reservation was done or when we were seated. Our years of experience tell us that this claim is always made when the bill is asked.

The waiter explained that we were ourselves to blame, I was irritated and threatened that I would post this mal-practice online. Then he retreated pleading that he would lose his job if I were to do that. Rita, not wanting to spoil the fun of the evening, asked me to let him off. I stood firm. The waiter begged that he would pay the difference in cash to me because the company has this policy and he was to blame for not asking me when seating us down in the first place.

Why should I accept that? Redemption? Personal favour? I did not even know him!

In the end, Rita paid for two adults and I am writing here instead of posting this on popular dining websites!