English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Reading & Writing Comprehension Exercises Based on Authentic Materials

* Worksheets - Introduction

*Losing interest in Cantonese

*Blue Water Line (Lyrics) (with KEY)

*California Adapting to Chinese Tourists 

*Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

*Gap Year Student (with KEY)

*High School Stereotypes (With KEY)

*Lonely Far From Home (writing task for senior classes)

*New School Year Resolutions (writing for senior forms)

*Rainbow Project(with KEY)

* Still I Rise (poem with lots of additional information)


*Tech Habits
*The Book of Tomorrow

*The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie

*Two Mice (easy for junior form weak students with demanding extended writing task)
*You are Here (Difficult)

*Children Who Are Taught To Be Respectful with KEY

*Educator Leung Kee-cheong with KEY

*Gap Year Students with KEY

*Hong Kong Falls Out of Top 30 (Writing Task for Senior Forms)

*MTR Service with KEY

*Parallel Traders with KEY
*Table Tennis Legend with KEY

*The Giving Tree with KEY

*The Power of Dining Together with KEY

*Listening Practice

*Proof Reading Exercises

*Reading & Writing Practice

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (for junior forms)

San (for senior forms)
The Power of Dining Together (for senior forms)

*Writing Practice