English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

December 23 2013, Monday


Last Wednesday, when I was tutoring my Secondary 6 students, I told them I had started a blog. I asked them to read my entries and give me their views. Torres, a student very proficient in English, posed me an interesting question: are you not worried that one day you will run out of ideas?

Well, the brain works differently from our physical energy. The more we use our intellect, the more ready we are to deliver!

I am talking from experience.

I usually drive but whenever  I do take public transport, my mind works vigorously! I start examining the passengers around me, describing their looks, guessing their relationship, their occupations and where they are going etc. I actually use them as characters to compose stories. I don't need any paper or pen or tablet computer! All these take place in my mind within a short trip of 20 minutes. 

A tram ride becomes a fulfilling creative journey! I get rich input and create meaningful products. So why do I need to
worry about ideas drying up?