English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

January 13 2014, Monday  

Chinese New Year versus Christmas

 With Christmas and New Year celebrations over, Chinese New year is around the corner. How would you choose between Chinese New Year and Christmas? Which one is your favourite?

Honestly speaking, I used to like both when I was a little girl. The school I attended, a Catholic convent school, would be all lit-up and we were treated to snacks on Christmas Eve. As we were poor, we could not afford Christmas trees. My father would paste a big piece of black paper on the wall and then use chalk to draw a Christmas tree on it decorating it with cotton balls. I longed for Chinese New Year because only then would I have new clothes and shoes. These were all good enough reasons to anticipate the two festivals.

Now that I am old, I don’t feel that much longing for Christmas. I am actually quite annoyed by all the commercial activities generated in the name of Christmas. Aside from the church-goers, most people have forgotten the meaning of Christmas – the humble birth of Jesus Christ. But I must say I love listening to all the old Christmas songs.

It seems like I prefer Chinese New Year more because it is a time for family re-union. My brothers and sisters together with their children and grand children would be gathered in my apartment to express their good wishes to mother – the most senior in the family. And she would be laughing all the while though complaining that there is too much noise.