English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

January 23 2014, Thursday 


Throughout our adult life, we have all signed various contracts. A contract is a legal document binding the signatories to a set of terms or agreements. Technically, there is no honour involved because otherwise, we do not need this legal endorsement. It is pathetic that we humans are so weak that we ask to have our commitment institutionalized. Spouses cheat! Employers abuse! Country heads torture! But they have all pledged publicly that, some with their hand on the Bible, they will honour their declarations.
The saintliest of all relationships, parenthood, is never entered into a contract by the parties concerned, namely the parent and the child. Yet, nothing can sever this blood relationship, not the law not death! 

Parenting is life commitment but before plunging into this high-risk “career”, candidates are not interviewed. There are no objective benchmarks or qualifications to meet. Credentials are not verified. There is no probation period. Neither is there any age requirement. And yet so many people, even minors rush in to become parents. On the other hand, there are people with seemingly outstanding qualifications who hesitate so much and for so long that they miss the chance to be biological parents.

I rushed in almost four decades ago ignorant of how unfit I was or how inadequate the objective conditions were. At that time, information on parenting was minimal and people seemed to accept that problems, big or small, would resolve themselves. It was by trial and error, by remorse and regrets that I stumbled through.

Now that my son is the father of a six-year old girl and I am grandma, I can see what a huge difference lies between the two generations in the perception of parenthood. Mine was uncharted with only my passion to rely on. I succeeded at times but collapsed many times. My son became a parent after all possible planning had been undertaken. It was an informed decision he proudly and whole-heartedly honoured.

Having said all these, I feel both proud and privileged to declare that motherhood is the best blessing of my life while being a teacher the second.