English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

February 12 2014, Wednesday             

Impulsive Buying

Have you ever spent a fortune to buy something and yet have never used it? I have! These moments of rude awakening of our own stupidity usually take place when we are tidying up or moving our apartment or office or when we are renovating.

I am guilty as charged in the impulsive buying of an exercise bike, a treadmill, dumb-bells, silver tea-set, carpets, a heavily embroidered jacket and more. These were all products I bought and never or rarely used and then given away.

Now I don’t do window shopping anymore. Instead, I do targeted purchases. I need a handbag. I go for one. I need a party dress. I buy one. I have already become much less impulsive but I am still very susceptible to marketing gimmicks.

The one trick I always fall for is the claim of “limited edition”. I was shopping for one handbag and ended up buying two with the more expensive one being a “limited edition”. I didn’t actually need two but since I had been a patron of this brand for so many years, how could I be excluded from possessing this “limited edition”? I didn’t want to feel bad afterwards!

Another of our mentality being made use of is our desire to save. Last December, I was at my favourite skin-product store. The offer was a whole set of travel-sized products worth $500 with a purchase of over $3,000. At that moment, I seemed to be very sane when actually I was not. “Anyway, I need these products! This is good bargain!” The bill came up to be over $6,000 and I was given two sets! I left the store with two bags full of products telling myself that this was definitely not impulsive buying. But when I arrived home, I discovered that there were products bought in 2011 and still not opened.

As I age, I have become wiser, I hope. I am keeping a detailed list of all the skin products I have along with the month and year of purchases! I cannot afford to be impulsive anymore!