English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

February 13 2014  Thursday            

About ten minutes ago, I called Hayley, my grand-daughter. I wanted to remind her to stay warm. The helper said that she was in Putonghua class and would be back after six. Then I remember that Hayley is leading a life typical of Hong Kong kids. She has extra classes every day of the week learning English, Mathematics, Putonghua, drawing, swimming, track training and Taekwondo.

All parents are determined that their children are to be well-provided for and well-equipped right from the start to make sure they won’t lose out in this highly competitive society. Children are thrown into the arena and engage in combat at the tender age of three or even earlier. Children with both parents working full-time are entrusted to the care of the domestic helper and the coaches.

It used to be the father kicking football in the pitch with the boys and mother cooking in the kitchen with the girls or parents preparing children for admission interviews etc. When family size was bigger, children learnt how to manage arguments through daily conflicts with siblings. Now these parent-child or sibling activities have all been taken over by professionals.

I don’t know which mode works better in the nurturing of children’s character. But one thing I am sure – nothing can replace the tender loving care of parents.