English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

February 23 2014, Sunday


 Every evening after dinner at around 8:30, I would face my biggest challenge of the day – whether or not to leave the comfy couch and go jogging in the park downstairs!

I am never a sports fan. I can’t swim. I don’t cycle. I am a total loser when it comes to sports. But ever since I turned 50, I have tried to coax myself into developing some sporting habits. I attended yoga classes. As much as I understand yoga can increase my joint flexibility, tone my muscles and even detox my internal organs, I only succeeded to perform a few basic postures. Therefore, I quitted but I still practise the postures that I have mastered and usually that is before the jogging.     

This evening, I did jog, a habit I have been keeping on and off three times a week for more than 10 years. What I engage in is not strenuous running or the type of hard work in preparation for marathon. For a duration of about one hour, I walk briskly at first and then jog. Even in cold days with the temperature standing at below ten, I can sweat a lot.

And thanks to whoever it is above looking down on me and taking care of me, I am physically quite fit for my age. I maintain my weight at around 60 kg. I stand 1.67m. My weight does swing but not too much. I stand upright and my shoulders are not bent though just this morning, I slipped and bruised my left knee.

While I jog, I listen to my favourite old songs undisturbed. It is perfect relaxation. Sometimes, I stop to enjoy the beautiful harbor views watching the glittering ferries sail by. When I finish my one-hour exercise, I feel so powerful and so energetic as though I had accomplished a big task. My self-esteem is boosted. The “can-do” feeling is indeed invigorating! And after a scented bath soak, I fall asleep easily and soundly!


But in the first place, I don’t always succeed extracting myself from the couch!