English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

February 6 2014, Thursday 
Last Back Garden

 As my mother ages, she announces that she is not taking overseas trips with me anymore, afraid that she will be my burden. Well, I can understand that. So instead, when it is school holiday but not public holiday to avoid the crowd, I will coax my mother to leave her comfy sofa and venture out to the countryside. The itinerary is I drive around, park the car, dine and then go home. Simple as it sounds, it is a good enough break from her routine of “eat, sleep and watch television”. So late this afternoon, I drove to Sai Kung with my mom without any particular destination in mind.


When I drive, I have this habit of not turning on the air-conditioner unless it is really hot or I am stuck in traffic. It was the same this afternoon. When I drove down Sai Sa Road, I rolled down the window pane a little bit to enjoy the soothing breeze with the Platters singing in the background. We got off as we came to a roadside parking lot in Nai Chung. Slowly we walked down a flight of steps and found ourselves in a charming seclusion with tiny bungalows, shallow sandy beach and trees. Families were there fishing, flying kites or simply enjoying each other’s company! We sat down on the embankment and watched the sunset – not stunning but heartwarming! First time for my mom!


Then we walked back to the parking lot. It was already six and so we crossed the road to the bungalows opposite. These are all residences turned restaurants offering fusion menus and outdoor dining. My mom preferred indoors and so we sat down next to the fireplace, not a real one of course. Though the food was too salty, the relaxing ambience more than made it up. For a moment or two, I thought that I was in a pub in Edinburgh!


What a great way to spend an afternoon! I have to do this more often! There are so many places in Hong Kong that I have not yet explored! What a shame!