English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

April 15 2014 Tuesday                  

“If you are unfaithful to me once, I will pay you back tenfold!” said wife to husband!

This couple are in their forties and both are very concerned about their looks. They take facial treatments including intrusive lazar sessions. They visit the gym regularly and have their own coach. The wife has the fairest complexion and the husband is the coolest guy in the profession.

The wife puts on the most expensive skin products and cosmetics which she only washes off before going to bed and only when the lights are out. She gets up earlier than the husband to make sure she has time for the morning ritual. And yet, she still does not have faith in her own looks and worries sick that one day when her beauty fades, she will be dumped. In her moment of desperation, she declares the ultimatum!

What kind of a relationship is this? When romantic love is built on looks and youthfulness, it can never last. We all know no matter how hard we take care of our body, all that we can do is at best holding back the aging process! We will still grow old and wrinkled and weak!

Are couples not to care for each other in health and sickness till death parts them? Is this too good or too old-fashioned a vow for modern day people? I don’t know. Call me traditional. When I make a choice, I will honour it! I have never broken any commitment not in the past, not now and not in future!