English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

May 3 2014, Saturday                     
As the lift doors opened, I walked in and there were already two grown-ups and a school girl aged around 5. I assumed they were parents and the child was their daughter. What the parents were doing and how the child reacted astonished me.

The father was tidying up the girl’s uniform which was quite crumpled and combing her hair which was messy. The mother was stuffing the child with a bun murmuring that she had to be fast or else she would miss the school bus. The girl, still drowsy, didn’t react much.

I felt odd witnessing this family scene. What a terrible way to start a day for all three of them! Couldn’t the parents manage the morning routine better?

“Is this happening every morning or just this morning?” For the girl’s sake, I truly hoped that it was an extraordinarily hurried morning because the alarm was not working! 

Breakfast is important for everybody especially kids. Their growing bodies and developing brains need regular refuelling from food. When kids skip breakfast, they don't get what they need to be at their best. Besides, when breakfast becomes so sloppy, parents are transmitting the wrong message to their children – breakfast is not important.

A healthy breakfast does not have to be elaborate. Simply splash some milk over cereal with fruit such as berries or banana added. A toast with cheese and tomato slices is refreshingly tasty!

Stuffing a child with a bun and dressing her in the lift is no way to start a morning!

This is an incident that happened in the lift at around 8 in the morning.