English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

June 5 2014, Thursday          
 When a man loves a woman

How do men show their love to their ladies? A poem or a bouquet? A diamond ring or a watch? A sports car or a yacht? A hug or a tender word? Some quiet moments together? A walk on the beach? All these are too good to be true! Such scenario only exists in fairy tales, movies and dreams! Any girls who harbour such fantasies will definitely go crazy! Yet even a mature lady like me, I do sometimes entertain myself with such an imagery – a surprise kiss!


As a romantic relationship develops, the man and the woman become husband and wife and then father and mother, gone are the sweet talks and even the physical appeal. Their conversations are never about how they feel for each other but always about the third party – the children, the pets, their careers etc. Soon the wives find that the time spent with the husbands are always in crowds of friends or relatives or colleagues. They are not spending time alone anymore! Wives dare not make the moves as all ladies won’t! They are waiting for their husbands to re-discover their femininity. That sometimes is hard when the wives have long decided to reveal their true selves in front of their men. While women can tolerate men’s receding hairline, big tummy and untidy habits, men secretly pray that their mates can retain their youthfulness. When their wives can’t satisfy their fantasy, they look elsewhere! These days, they don’t have to look too far.


Once the first unfaithful step is taken, the husband sees everything wrong in the wife! Yet the wife who might have smelt disloyalty endures hoping the derailing is only a fling and the man will soon be back body and soul! He might and he might not depending on the pull factor. He keeps the wife and the family as they provide a safe haven he might have to go back to!


Here is part of the lyrics of The Carpenters’ "Love Me For What I Am" which sums up how a woman feels the change in her man.

We fell in love

On the first night that we met


We've been happy

I have very few regrets

The ordinary problems

Have not been hard to face

But lately little changes

Have been slowly taking place

You're always finding something

Is wrong in what I do

But you can't rearrange my life

Because it please you

You've got to love me

For what I am

For simply being me

Don't love me

For what you intend

Or hope that I will be

And if you're only using me

To feed your fantasy

You're really not in love

So let me go

I must be free