English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

December 26  2014Friday 

You are the one!

Then came a call in November. It was a friend saying that she had a friend who couldn't afford a helper anymore now that she had lost her job. That brought us our new helper Mharscod.


We interviewed Mharscod and were happy to know that she had looked after a dog before. That was the experience in a helper we had been looking for. So we didn't ask too much and started the whole process of signing her. Mharscod's contract was terminated for financial reason and so the time needed for processing the papers would be shorter. Still it took one whole month.


Finally, Mharscod arrived. The moment we feared came.


"How long would Bean Bean bark at Mharscod before he stops?"

It was not long at all. He barked when he sighted the stranger. But almost immediately he stopped barking to walk round her sniffing her hard. Then he started wagging the tail!


It was like miracle - Bean Bean likes Mharscod! We are saved. Now we can take trips!


In less than 24 hours, Mharscod was takng selfies with Bean Bean.