English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

January 14 2015, Wednesday                

So close and yet so far! 

This New Year break, my friends and I went to Shanghai for 3 days to visit an old friend. The flight to Shanghai takes less than two hours but I cannot say it is convenient. 


We departed for Shanghai on December 30. It was the 0830 flight meaning we had to check in not later than 6:30. I had to get up at 5. If I took the airport bus, I would be late. Arriving late has never been my habit. I left home at 5:45 and took a taxi.


It was my bad luck that I got on a taxi with a sulky driver. I greeted him nicely. Not only did he not reciprocate my courteous greeting, but he also did not help me put the suitcase in the boot!


So I arrived early at the airport, met up with my friends, checked in, took our breakfast and boarded the plane. All these were uneventful! 

We landed punctually at 10:30, took our luggage, went through customs and immigration and were warmly greeted by our friend. We got on the coach at 11.



Guess when we could sit down for lunch? At 2 in the afternoon! The 30-minute drive to city centre had become 3 hours! Absolutely ridiculous! That was my first-person experience of the terrible traffic jams so notorious of mainland cities. And because we were late, we had to eat dishes left cold if not icy. The waitresses were also very blatant in their expression of impatience!