English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

March 24 2015 Tuesday
The ticket

My husband and I both drive to work not because we are not environmentally-friendly but because by public transport, it would mean a green mini-bus ride, then MTR followed by a red mini-bus ride. That takes about one hour for me and even longer for my hubby.  By car, the journey is 20 minutes for me and 30 for him! As our working hours are different, we need two cars and two parking spaces of course!  


We live in a 45-year old block and each apartment is entitled to one parking lot. In other words, we need one extra space.  For quite some time, we rented one from a landlord who does not drive but lately his son is back and he drives. That started my nightmare. There are five spaces with parking meters a street away but with many families in the same boat like ours – owning two cars, these spaces are almost like raffle prizes!

That night all spaces were taken up by the time I arrived home. It was already 11. I waited hoping that those with metres expired would come and drive away their cars but that did not happen. I gave up after half an hour and parked my car near to our exit without blocking it!

The next morning, I left home at 7:35, half an hour earlier than usual. My helper was just coming up the stairs after cleaning our cars. She said cheerfully, “no ticket!” I was so relieved.

I was happy far too soon! As I was walking near my car, I saw a policeman in the action of sliding the fine ticket under the left windscreen wiper. He was unexpectedly courteous and sympathetic.

“I waited for a while knowing you must live here! There are too many complaints from residents about illegal parking blocking their driveways! Don’t park here anymore. We will surely ticket you!” He has the gentlest voice. 

I could only say “I understand. Have a good day!”