English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

March 25 2015 Wednesday    
          My muse is back!

Remember how lately I complained that I seemed to have lost all ideas and was not writing. But my fate has changed. My muse is with me again and I have written several pieces this month. In other words, my eyes that see, ears that hear and brain that ferments are all back as though my muse had never left me.



In Greek mythology, muses were goddesses each assigned a specific artistic sphere: Kalliope, epic poetry; Kleio, history; Ourania, astronomy; Thaleia, comedy; Melpomene, tragedy; Polyhymnia, religious hymns; Erato, erotic poetry; Euterpe, lyric poetry; and Terpsikhore, choral song and dance. 



I don’t know which one of them has been taking care of my writing but I know for sure when she is or is not around. When she is there, thoughts are like torrents rushing out to be managed but when she is away, I can hardly squeeze a line! I don’t know what makes her stay and what drives her away! Maybe my drowsy eyes and dried-up complexion caused by sleep deficit are too unsightly! Or my senses are too numb to feel her presence! Experience tells me if I have enough sleep and am in a peaceful state of mind, she will pamper me and ideas just flow!