English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

March 27 2015    Friday           

Difficult people

Are you miserably surrounded by difficult people – people who are sulky all the time, who shout and never speak, who think they are always right, who boss you around? They can be really your boss, your siblings, friends or even your spouse! Have you ever tried to change them, reason with them, ignore them, or abandon them in the end? Or are you a difficult person yourself? Let me first assume you are not so that we can focus on how to deal with or even live with difficult people.

I have internalized two principles that are useful to me. I am always at peace with myself and all those difficult people who happen to be in my path!

Rule no. 1: Have mercy on them! Don’t hate them! Hating someone strains your energy and adds horrible lines to your forehead. Back off when they shout. Don’t shout back! You are not being small. You demonstrate you are bigger! Keep your control. Empathize with them. Your calmness might put them head over heels! Wouldn’t that amuse you? When the heat subsides, go and explain yourself. Say what you want to. That’s it. You have done your part.

Rule no. 2: Never try to change them not because old dogs can’t learn new tricks but because many people must have tried. If they haven’t succeeded, why do you think you can? Take them as they are or leave them for good. As to those you can’t leave, say your siblings, distance them but maintain courtesy.