English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

March 26 2015  Thursday              

What was your childhood experience of haircuts? Do you still remember your first visit to the salon? Or has your mother repeatedly teased you about how you tearfully endured the ordeal? I witnessed one such scene when I went for my hair treatment last Saturday afternoon.

 The victim was one cute-looking little boy of around 5. Flanked by his mom and dad, he was not facing this battle alone. They came prepared. The moment he was seated, the mom took out the tablet computer and ran a cartoon for him to enjoy.  The father was not idle either. He unwrapped a chocolate nugget and put it in the boy’s mouth mumbling at the same time about a visit to the Disneyland the next day.

 Then came the hairdresser, a young man. While he was draping the boy, the parents were busily tugging the cape to make sure it fitted properly. The 15-minute haircut was one melodrama of 6 hands working on the boy’s head. After combing the boy’s hair, the hairdresser parted it and began to move his blades from the back to the front, around the perimeter and at angles. Meanwhile the parents were dancing round the poor young man, sometimes straightening the drape, other times removing the hair that happened to land on the boy’s face or coaxing him to fix his eyes on the display. In fact, the boy was quite at ease with his eyes glued to the monitor and his teeth working hard on the chocolate.

 I checked with my son asking about Hayley’s salon visits. He said they were uneventful!