English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

May 23 2015                  
Perfect match

What makes a perfect match? Compatibility in age, zodiac signs, family background, credentials, richness, views and habits?  In Chinese saying, there is “doors must be compatible with the wooden doors for the wooden doors and the bamboo doors for the bamboo doors”. In dynastic China, there were strict rules regarding the style and structure of houses based on the office held by the owner of the house. These covered the height and design of the doors, the eaves and all decorative structures. The dragon design symbolizing the emperor was for palaces only.

In these days, there is a more accepted view that couples should be complementary of one another. If one is concave, then the other should be convex! If one is kind of short temper, the other should have a cool temperament to manage adversity and for harmony to be maintained. If one likes to cook, then the other should love food!

But falling in love, in most cases, is more a “heart” rather than a “head” matter! We don’t follow a compatibility checklist to evaluate our partner. Neither are we calculate how far we can complement one another. Of course, I know falling in love in one stage while putting down the signature on the wedding certificate is another. Modern people commit themselves to marriages for a variety of reasons, some being despicably monetary!

Even at my senior age now, I still hold fast onto the fairy tale version of destiny bringing a man and a woman together though we have all read about how a woman painstakingly choreographed for her to “bump into” a multi-billionaire etc.

Why look for perfection? The pursuit of perfection is so exhausting! Life is too short.

Once again, I want to bring in my life motto: chose what you love and love what you have chosen! If destiny puts you two together, then embrace it! Perfect or not, till death do you part!