English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

May 26 2017 Tuesday   
I am just bored!

School children grade their teachers “like” or “dislike” according to whether the lessons delivered are boring or interesting. Pupils enjoy participating in activities but their enthusiasm easily evaporates once they know what to expect. So conscientious teachers have to keep updating the strategies adopted to sustain students’ interest and motivation. What worked last year with a particular class cannot be “copied” and “pasted”  for even the same class this year not to say a different class.

Easier said than done! No matter how hard teachers try, they cannot reach that level of sophistication comparable to the audio and visual impact offered by online games which students are so used to enjoying. And the crux of the issue is that sometimes the means becomes the end. And the lesson objectives are not achieved. Or teaches can become so engrossed in designing activities that the lesson content is thinned.

Last week, I observed how a Primary 1 English teacher successfully incorporated meaningful and interesting activities to guide the students in learning the targetted language. This was one rich and vibrant lesson. A total of 25 students were fully engaged using English all the way when interacting with the teacher and classmates alike. Information technology was utilized for the starter. The teacher designed a simple animation with herself as the news announcer. It worked! The students got aroused. Transition between activities was also smooth.

For consolidation, there was the worksheet.  How did the teacher help the students check their answers? Instead of the usual practice of asking the students to stand up and give the answers, the teacher had designed a routine termed as “Decision Alley”.  All students stood up and got into two rows facing one another. When one student gave the answer, the others would say “Yes, you are right!” When the answer was wrong, the others would give the answer.  In this way, the whole class got spirited and involved.

The secret of success is simple. Be reflective and think out of the box.