English Teachers Are Happy To Share

English Teachers Are Happy To Share

Random Thoughts by Pauline

October 2016


Elegance does not come with a price tag! A woman can be wearing haute couture carrying a Hermes bag with face and hair perfectly done and yet she does not exuberate an ounce of elegance. Neither can elegance be linked with age as it is beyond skin-deep.

Elegance is in the way a lady gestures or talks and the gracefulness she impacts on people. It is gentleness and calmness displayed in the most beautiful way! The lady can be all wrinkled wearing an old sweat shirt working in the garden, but the pleasantness about her creates an aura that transmits simplicity and dignity. In other words, “elegance” is in the eyes of the beholders!

Elegance comes from peace of mind and heart backed up with culture and confidence. There are no negative sentiments because they have all been resolved or internalized not merely subdued. But elegance is not to be interpreted as weakness. One can fight for a cause without resorting to foul language or the fist.

Can elegance be learned such as by attending etiquette classes? Well, one can master all the table manners without displaying any elegance if she follows the steps robotically. Elegance is more than knowing how to fold the napkins or which fork to use!